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Mettler Toledo Digital Precision Balance Utilizing NewClassic & FACT Technology with Manual, Software, & Warranty

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Wafer Coating Machinery

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Gas Chromatography Testing Equipment

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Future & Current Auctions

  • Prime Lab Equipment will feature many bench top lab equipment systems. Too many to list, a must see event.
  • Upcoming Auctions TO BE DETERMINED.

Auction Schedules Updated Weekly

Krucial Services

  • Intellectual Propery
  • Chemical - Disposal - E-Waste (COD)
  • Rental Equipment Returns
  • Clean & Sweep
  • Decon - Fume Hood/Lab
  • Building Repairs
  • Furniture Removal

Online Auction Company In California

Are you someone who loves great bargains on lab equipment, rare comic books collectibles, manufacturing machines, sports memorabilia, and more? You have come to the right place!

Krucial Products is a premier online auction company that offers a platform to buyers looking for affordable lab equipment, cryptocurrency mining rigs, and legacy comic books.

But we don’t limit ourselves only to these niches. You can find a carefully-curated list of auctions for a variety of tools and equipment to take your business to the next level. We update our auctions’ schedules on a weekly basis so you’re bound to find the freshest items whenever you give our inventory a look. Let’s kickstart the bidding war, shall we?

Your One-Stop-Shop For Premier Online Auctions Of Lab Equipment

Looking for reconditioned HPLC advanced systems, gas detectors, CO2 extractors, and gene sequencers? You do not have to break your bank to upgrade your lab with the best tools and biotech equipment. Whether you want to add a new piece of machinery or need to fill up your entire facility, we have got you covered with our live online auctions. We will also keep you updated on bulk auctions of overflow or overstock inventory of lab equipment retailers. Register to bid your price and bring equipment from leading manufacturers and of the highest quality to your facility today.

What sets our online lab equipment auctions company apart from our competitors? Let’s have a look:

- Amazing deals on lab equipment from top manufacturers

- Auctions of overflow and overstock inventory

- An extensive range of the latest products

- Registration is easy and simple

- We also provide lab facility closure services in the Bay Area

- Exceptional customer service and access to the best auction experts in California

Great Marketplace For Rare Comic Books - Onsite Auctions In California

We know that finding rare comic books in mint condition and Golden age issues from the Marvel and DC universe is no cakewalk. That’s why we are here to connect all the buyers and the sellers!

If you are a comic book enthusiast, you will find a number of live auctions of comic books from different eras and collectibles that you may not find anywhere else. You are in for a treat because we cater to serious collectors. Start bidding today and watch this space for more updates!

Inventory Liquidation Services

Want a robust exit strategy to liquidate your business’ inventory as soon as possible? We have a skilled team of auction specialists and inventory liquidators in California who will ensure that you are able to liquidate your assets in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Don’t go solo, let our team do the legwork for you. We have years of experience, a wealth of contacts, as well as the resources to ensure that you can auction off your items sans any glitches, regardless of the industry you serve.

When you’re liquidating your assets, the process of finding the right buyers for your existing equipment can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Added to this, you will also have a lot of other things on your plate - from closing up your facility, notifying stakeholders, to completing all your contractual obligations. At Krucial Products, we attempt to make the entire process less stressful for you by helping you to liquidate your inventory for the best value. Quick asset to cash conversion, every single time.

We understand that every business is unique and that is why personalize the selling experience for you. At the same time, we also offer our marketing expertise to ensure that you find the best buyers for your instruments and equipment. Just give us a call to know more about our lab closure, furniture removal, clean & sweep, assets appraisals, and assets liquidation solutions.

Krucial Products Also Offers Lab Decon (Decontamination) Services

Availing lab decon (decontamination) services is a must to keep your laboratory and personnel safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. If your research, testing, or manufacturing facility deals with viral, bacterial, or fungal samples on a daily basis, the chances of contamination are extremely high. This is where we can help you out.

We will ensure the safety of your staff and facility by neutralizing contaminants from your working space. Whether you need to decontaminate an entire room or just a piece of equipment, we are the people for the job! Shifting your facility in the Bay Area? We will also take care of fume hood decontamination to limit exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Leverage The Expertise Of Auction Specialists In California

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Make the most of our inventory liquidation and onsite auction services in California.

Whether you want to sell or buy equipment or rare collectibles, Krucial Products is your number one source for premier online auctions in the area! If you need some guidance on how to go about online auctions to sell your inventory, simply reach out to us.

Want to know more about our upcoming auctions and the industries we serve?  Let our auction experts in California show you the way to unbelievable discounts on lab, processing, and manufacturing equipment.

Just give us a call or email: 510-586-4494  josh@krucialproducts.com  or  hector@krucialproducts.com

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