ATM Sonic Sifter Separator L3P With Sifters


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ATM Sonic Sifter Separator 3″ L3P With Sifters and Screens

(20)+Standard spacers sonic sifters 
(6)Diaphragm screen sonic sifters

The ATM Model L3P Sonic Sifter Separator is a superior and versatile sieving instrument designed for fast, accurate particle separations. It is especially suitable for ultra-fine particle separation by the dry sieve method in the size range of 3µm to 5,660µm. Ideal for separating materials such as sand, cement, flour, baking powder, pharmaceuticals and powdered metals. The Sonic Sifter accommodates dry samples in powdered, granular or pellet form. Separation of particles can be accomplished quickly. Testing time can be cut by up to 90% compared to other methods. Two basic motions are used for particle separation. A vertical oscillating column of air and a vertical mechanical pulse. No horizontal scrubbing of particles occurs as in standard sieve shakers. The input power level necessary to separate particles is adjustable by the operator during the testing process. The sieving can be timed automatically to insure repeatable results. The instrument uses specially designed 3-inch (75mm) diameter acrylic-framed “see-through” sieves, which allow the operator to determine the proper power level for testing and to determine when the test is complete. Accommodates up to 6 U.S. Standard sieves (21-6296) or 3 Precision sieves (21-6297).



ATM Sonic Sifter Separator L3P With Sifters and Screens

(20)+Standard spacers sonic sifters 
(6)Diaphragm screen sonic sifters
Using an oscillating air column, the sonic sifter quickly separates dry materials in powdered, granular, or pellet form. The unique oscillating air column eliminates screen wear and particle attrition and achieves efficiency normally seen only with wet sieving.

Updated unit is manufactured of newly designed stainless steel housing. This unit perform tests in less then 10 seconds in favorable conditions, saving valuable time and allowing operators to work on other projects. Power level is adjustable even as the test progresses, allowing you to customize your test for different material densities and textures. Digital timer provides precise operation; time automatically to ensure repeatable results. The 3” diameter acrylic sieves let you see the test in progress — ideal for making adjustments and determining completion.

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