BioBot Multi-Material 3D Bioprinting Basic

BioBot Multi-Material 3D Bioprinting Basic

Multi-Material 3D Bioprinting

BioBot Basic features a novel, revolver-inspired extrusion system to 3D bioprint with remarkable precision.​

​BioBot Basic users love the ability to print up to 5 different biomaterials, without the need to manually switch barrels or pause the bioprinting process.

Automated Calibration

Time is our most precious resource. BioBot Basic automatically calibrates itself to give you more time back in your day – after you hit “print,” the system scans each tip to ensure a quality bioprint, every time regardless of needle size.

Print Size:7.5″ x 4″ T Cylinder, 190mm x 100mm T Cylinder,

Print Volume, 176 in cubed, 11,340mm cubed

Resolution, Z/R Linear Axis: 40 µin 10 µm

 Rotary Axis: 40 µin 10 µmPrint On:Glass slides, Petri dishes, Well plates



BioBot Multi-Material 3D Bioprinting Basic

BioBot Basic is small & mighty. BBB is the world’s first polar coordinate based bioprinter. BBB bioprints up to 5 materials in a single run.

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