Crestron HD-SCALER-HD-E High-Definition Video Scaler, HDMI In/Out


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Crestron HD-SCALER-HD High-Definition Video Scaler, HDMI In/Out

The HD-SCALER-HD-E is a simple, cost-effective video scaler designed to enable an HD, SD, or computer display device to handle virtually any input resolution up to Full HD 1080p or WUXGA. Its low-profile, surface-mountable design and set-and-forget simplicity allow the HD-SCALER-HD-E to be installed discreetly in the back of an equipment rack, behind a flat panel display, or above a ceiling projector.



Crestron HD-SCALER-HD High-Definition Video Scaler, HDMI In/Out

HD video scaler and deinterlacer, noise reduction, 3:2/2:2 pull-down detection and recovery, aspect ratio selection, picture and RGB color adjustments, OSD setup, analog audio embedding and de-embedding.

HDMI w/Deep Color (DVI & Dual-Mode DisplayPort compatible. The HD-SCALER-HD-E provides a single HDMI input and is compatible with HDMI, DVI, and Dual-Mode DisplayPort sources. Via its HDMI input and output, the HD-SCALER-HD-E handles 5.1 audio formats like Dolby Digital.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in

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