Dionex HPLC P680A HPG-2 High Pressure Gradient Pump w/ 2 Eluent Lines 5030.0025

control panel


pump heads

Dionex P680A LPG Low Pressure Gradient Pump with built in Degasser








This Dionex P680A – 4 LPG has been tested and is in good working condition. Comes with a 30 Day Warranty at asking price!P680A LPG Low Pressure Gradient Pump with built in 4-channel vacuum degasserModel: P680A LPG – 4Part No. 5030.0015Flow Rate Range: 1-10,000 µl/minTurning on the P680A LPG-4 pump automatically activates the integrated online degasser, which continuously degases the solvents via special polymer membranes that are permeable to gas, but not to liquids. The online degasser thus guarantees optimum operation regarding reproducibility and pulsation reduction.


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