Gast Regenair Blower Model R4P315A Filtered 3ph 208V “Tested Good” 3450RPMM


$1,850.00 $1,000.00

Gast Regenair Blower Model R4P315A Filtered 3ph 208V “Tested Good” 3450RPM

Features – Rugged construction, Explosion proof, low maintenance, oilless operation, UL and CSA approved TEFC motors with permanently sealed ball bearings, automatic restart thermal protection on single phase motors, aluminum blower housing, impeller, and cover. Can be mounted in any plane, inlet and outlet have internal muffling.

Amps (60/50 Hz): Power rating (60/50 Hz): 1.5 hp (1.1 kw) / 1.0 hp (0.75 kw)
Weight:43 lbs (24.1 kg)
Trade Name:Regenair®
Maximum pressure: 65 InH2O (60 Hz) 50 InH2O (50 Hz)
Maximum Vacuum: 60 InH2O (60 Hz) 45 InH2O (50 Hz)
Maximum air flow: 127 cfm (60 Hz) 110 cfm (50 Hz)
Starting Amps (60/50 Hz):
Motor enclosure: TEFC
Insulation Class: B
Voltage (60/50 Hz):
208-230/460-3 / 190-220/380-415-3
Manufacturer: Gast
Air tables, solution and media agitation, vacuum hold-down and pickup, air blow-off, soil and ground water remediation, carton forming and packaging, lab filtration, sewage aeration, materials handling, aquaculture, pneumatic conveying.


Gast Regenair Explosion Proof  Blower Model R4P315A  3ph 208V

With a rugged construction that’s suitable for demanding applications, the R4P offers oil-less operation ensuring that the discharge air remains free of contamination.  The R4P can be mounted in any plane, which provides flexibility when mounting or integrating the blower into an OEM system. In addition, these blowers have very few moving parts and no wearing components, which minimize downtime and helps to lessen operating noise levels.

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