Mellen High Temperature 1.25″ Tube Furnace Model:MTSC12-5R-1.625X12V-1Z-IOT


$3,795.00 $3,000.00


Mellen High Temperature 1.25″ Split Tube Furnace Model:MTSC12-5R-1.625X12V-1Z-TOT with Option:RS485

The furnace operates at temperatures up to 1250℃ in air. The standard orientation of the
furnace is horizontal, however, a vertical stand or a bench stand is available. The furnace has fast
heat-up rates (30℃ per minute standard) and an integrated dual-display controller, making it easy
to use.

The furnace system comes complete with Mellen model PS105 control cabinet. This features a
built-in 8 Ramp/Soak/Program controller with 8 segments. This furnace includes an integrated over temperature alarm. An RS485 Communications



Mellen High Temperature 1.25″ X 12″ Split Tube Furnace Model:MTSC12-5R-1.625X12V-1Z-TOT with Option:RS485


The MELLEN Microtherm split hinged round tubular furnace is capable of operating up to 1250°C in air. The furnace features exposed APM windings for long lasting element life. The furnace is supplied from the factory in the horizontal orientation but can be used vertically. An option Vertical Bench Stand is available.

  • 31 program, 126 segment controller
  • Type ‘S’ Thermocouple
  • Fast Ramp Rates: 25-35 C per minute
  • Compact Inline Design for Tight Spaces & Lab Settings
  • Standard Independent Over-Temperature Alarm

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