Terra Universal Smart Desiccator 3 Chamber SDPSV,19 3949-32C


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Terra Universal Smart Desiccator 3 Chamber SDPSV,19

ValuLine ES

 Static Dissipative PVC

  Model 3949-32C

Low cost desiccator cabinet designed for long-term, low-throughput dry storage

• Extended Storage™ design is ideal for long-term storage that doesn’t require frequent parts access

• Optional Smart® module automatically monitors RH in cabinet for faster RH recovery and less N2 waste

• Perfect for cleanroom, lab, or stockroom use where recovering low-humidity set-point is not critical

• Also suitable for use with silica bead desiccant or simply for clean particle-free storage

• Terra’s ValuLine™ Extended Storage (ES™) desiccator cabinets combine low cost and strength for long-term dry storage that doesn’t require rapid recovery or critical low-humidity set-points.

• NOTE: Cabinet design not recommended for applications with frequent parts access, or those requiring fast RH recovery rates.

• Built-in digital thermohygrometer displays internal temperature and RH to help monitor conditions.


• Optional Smart® humidity control module automatically monitors and displays relative humidity in the cabinet for faster set-points and improved efficiency with reduced consumption of nitrogen gas. Requires Automatic RB™ (relief/bleed) valve

• Alternatively, a flowmeter and Automatic RB™ (relief/bleed) valve allow for manual control of nitrogen gas.


• Innovative wall fusing technology creates a rigid, durable structure for improved weight capacity and resistance to high-frequency vibrations.

• Slotted chambers help circulate and mix dry nitrogen throughout the cabinet to minimize moisture “blind spots” and further dilute moisture present inside the cabinet.

• Built-in shelf rack systems allow for high-capacity, organized storage (removable shelves sold separately).

• Includes port for installing Terra flowmeter (order separately).

• Transparent walls help quickly find items anywhere inside the cabinet.

ESD-Safe Design

• Static-dissipative PVC (SD-PVC) design features bonded dissipative layers that resist abrasion; retains surface resistivity of 106 – 108 ohms/square indefinitely (unlike spray-on coatings that can wear off after a few years). SD-PVC also eliminates static-cling to help maintain clean surfaces.

• SD-PVC also has increased chemical resistance to withstand frequent wipe-downs with alcohol and other strong cleaning agents.

• Grounding tape connects shelf racks and doors to terminal block to safely-discharge surface charges and eliminate the risk of electrostatic discharge.


• Reinforced doors include exterior stainless steel plating plus stiffening bars on the inside of the doors to increase rigidity for a longer service life.

• Cleanroom compliant design includes corrosion resistant, non-particle shedding hardware:

Self-closing 316L stainless steel hinges with superior corrosion resistance help both hold open and tightly close doors.

Swell latches open/close with the flick of a finger to save wrist strain. An expanding rubber bushing firmly seals doors to prevent dust and moisture from leaking in.

• Closed-cell foam gasket around each reinforced door provides a superior protective seal to prevent air, vapor, moisture, water, and dust infiltration; resists weathering, UV oxidation, mildew and fungus.




Terra Universal Smart Desiccator 3 Chamber SDPSV,19

ValuLine ES

 Static Dissipative PVC

  Model 3949-32C


• (1) Digital thermohygrometer (expressed in degrees F).

• (2) Chrome plated racks per chamber.

• (1) Terminal block on top of cabinet for easy grounding and electro-static protection.


• Chamber Dimensions: 16.625″ W x 15.125″ D x 11.75″ H

• Material: Static Dissipative PVC

• Opening Dimensions: 16.375″ W x 10.75″ H

• Number of Chambers: 3

• Model: ValuLine™ ES™

• Design: Benchtop

• Chamber Width: 16.625″

• Chamber Depth: 15.125″

• Chamber Height: 11.75″

• Humidity Control: Cabinet Level

• Door Design: ValuLine

• Unit of Measure: EA

• Marks & Listings: CE, UL, ULC

• Weight, Product: 42 lb

• Dimensions, Product: 19.125″ W x 16″ D x 37.25″ H

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